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Hello Fred's Place Readers:

My name is CDR Andrew Dutton. I am the Executive Officer of the Headquarters Support Command at Coast Guard Headquarters. I imagine that many of you might be interested in knowing WHO from the Coast Guard is marching in the 56th Inaugural Parade. I thought I'd share with you the following e-mail that I sent out earlier this week to all Coast Guard personnel assigned to DC area Commands. The e-mail below identifies the major components participating in this year's parade, as well as the names of some of the key players. I haven't figured out how to attach the complete rosters that I used in the e-mail below, but if there is sufficient interest among Fred's Place readers, I will try to do so. Rest assured, there is no sensitive personnel data here, and the players discussed below are aware of their high profile roles.

By the way, on a related note, you may notice some slight variations in our CG uniforms. The STREET CORDON (lining the parade route) will be wearing a prototype bridge coat that is not full length, but "thigh length"...like a Navy Peacoat, except with formal gold buttons and shoulder boards (for officers). This coat is being field tested by the uniform standards branch in CG-1, and we have received their blessing (encouragement, in fact) to go ahead and issue this modified coat. Again, the coat we are discussing applies ONLY to street cordon, and not parade marchers, Honor Guard, Color Guard, etc. Those folks will wear the traditional (long) bridge coat. And, all this is on the assumption it is cold. If it's warm enough, you will see Service Dress Bravo for Cordon, and Full Dress Bravo for nearly everyone else...

Which brings me to the next (and last) minor alteration you may notice with our CG uniforms. Almost everyone marching, or rendering Honor Guard type honors, will be wearing the Full Dress Bravo uniform (which is basically the SDB with a WHITE dress shirt and mounted large medals on one side, ribbons on the other, and no name tag). However, we made one exception. The CG RESERVE platoon is PSU 309 based out of Ohio. These folks JUST got back from 6 months of duty in Kuwait. They were eager to march, but only a few of them had mounted large medals ready to go. So we considered putting them in SDB's. But, really, SDB's with the light blue shirt contrasted with a white combo cover, white gloves, and white parade belt (an Honor Guard authorized ceremonial item) look rather odd. So we got an official waiver for the Reserve Platoon to wear the SDB but with a WHITE shirt.

So...watch your fellow Coast Guardsmen represent you with pride. Cheer them on. Most of them are starting their day at 0200 and ending them at 2200. Even longer in the case of the Coast Guard Band. They march...and then have to go to a midnight inaugural ball!


Andy Dutton, CDR

From: Dutton, Andrew CDR
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 10:40 AM

To all DC Area Coast Guard Colleagues:

Many of you have expressed a keen interest in the Coast Guard's prominent ceremonial involvement in the nation's 56th Presidential Inauguration. In this era of High Definition television, you may even recognize some of the people you work with who will be out on the streets proudly representing our Coast Guard.

In that spirit, I am sending out this "Who's Who in the Inauguration" guide. The text of this e-mail lists the most prominent members, but I have also attached rosters of the many proud Coast Guard men and women who will be marching in formation, serving as street cordon, and rendering ceremonial honors to both our departing and new President.

For the Parade:

PRESIDENTIAL ESCORT (Leading President Obama from US Capitol to the White House):

AFIC Component Commander:
RADM Scott Burhoe (Superintendent of the CG Academy)

Joint Staff:
LT David Block (Officer in Charge of the Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard

Multi-Service Color Guard (with 1 CG Petty Officer)

Coast Guard 3 x 7 Platoon:
Lead by LTJG Kristin Bagby (Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard)
Followed by 21 Ceremonial Honor Guard (Complete list attached)

PARADE DIVISION FIVE (President Obama will view this portion of the parade from the Presidential viewing stand, outside the White House. The President will be accompanied by the Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Thad Allen):

Coast Guard Division Five Staff:
Captain Scott Genovese (Alternate is Captain Elizabeth Pepper)
LCDR Brian Roche (Active)
LCDR Thomas Sullard (Reserve)
Cadet James Daffer (USCGA)

US Coast Guard Band (42):
Lead by Commander Ken Megan
(complete list attached)

US Coast Guard Academy (90):
Lead by First Class Cadet Kevin Keefe
(complete list attached)

US Coast Guard Active (90):
Lead by LCDR Frank Hinson
The active platoon is comprised mostly of recruits assigned to TRACEN CAPE MAY, augmented by 15 former Honor Guard.
(complete list attached...password protected: "SFO"...no PII in this list)

US Coast Guard Reserve (90):
Lead by CDR Karl Leonard
The Reserve Platoon is comprised almost entirely of PSU 309 Reservists based out of Port Clinton, OH. These reservists just completed a 6 month tour of duty in Kuwait. They will be augmented by 6 CG HQS personnel.

(complete list attached...yellow highlighted are HQS personnel)

STREET CORDON (104): The Coast Guard is providing 104 street cordon who will line the parade route in the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Most are HQS and NCR assigned personnel.

(Complete list attached. 2 tabs, one for Capitol Hill, one for White House)

SN Olson, Nathaniel
SN Wilson, Benjamin
SN Lee, Jennifer
SN Zobitz, Sean
All are assigned to Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard.

Perhaps the most prominent display of Coast Guard military personnel on Inauguration Day. Duties involve Colors Detail, Cordon on Capitol Steps, VIP Ushers, etc. Composed entirely of Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard.

(Complete list attached).

As our nation peacefully transfers power, all of these Coast Guard members are proudly representing our service. They symbolize the many thousands of Coast Guard active duty, reserve, cadets, recruits, civilians and auxiliarists assigned to Coast Guard service throughout the nation and the world. Be proud of them as they represent you.



CDR Andrew G. Dutton
Executive Officer
Headquarters Support Command (HSC)
(202) 372-4006

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