In Need for FRG Fundraiser Ideas

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Quote from: Zippo on March 26, 2006, 06:26:57 am

First FRG rules are not new! They were clarified in October and the Army is requiring that they be followed.
Second, I personnally belong to a number of Army/Guard FRG's and am active enough to know and legally follow those directives. I also know the solicitation and fund raising limitations of the frg. It is the same for all services as they are based on DoD regulations.

The Adopt a Unit program and the VFW are not under those restrictions and there is no conflict with a FRG member also being a VFW auxilliary member, or belonging to any other similar organization. The FRG is not soliciting a donation of money or services from a VFW! The FRG is not doing a Benefit or fundraiser! - The VFW is!

The FRG does it's thing and the VFW gets reports frrom the FRG and/or VFW auxilliary members belonging to the FRG and decides what assistance they can provide.
Marines have used the Marine Corps League for years in similar fashion and although it is allowable for them to have FRG's they have felt no real need. Army,Navy and Air Force have similar groups of Vets and Active Duty to assist their families and Troops.
The FRG is a fairly recent Military development and came about more due to the Guard Units needing a Support Struture than Active Duty Units. Much of the FRG operations and purpose seem to me to be offshoots of the now defunct 'Officer's Wives Club' and other cliques that were formed at different duty stations in the bygone eras.

The new rules for the FRG are most certainly new. A member who belongs to an auxiliary VFW club etc., cannot take money's or services from that group and use as their own for the FRG interests or purpose. If the VFW aux. wants to "adopt a soldier" or "adopt a Unit" they may do so on their own, but they cannot supply money or goods to the FRG to do it for them, nor can a member of BOTH groups use money or donations from one for the other. This may have been ok in the past, but as of this past 2 weeks, since the new guidelines for FRG fundraising came into effect it is no longer possible. There is no reason to get upset about the points brought up in here, but anyone involved in an FRG should keep current with the rules and regulations that govern them.

If an FRG follows those interpretations it is next to useless in providing support for the Unit or the family!

We cannot ask for, nor accept donations from an outside source for our FRG's/Unit's.
- That is B.S.!
As I said before, an FRG operating under YOUR interpretation is no more than a 'social club' and can provide little or no support to Soldiers or their families!

My VFW Post spends over $1,000 per month in postage and shipping to get deployed Soldiers what they want along with special treats and supplies. We make no demand that they belong to any Veteran Organization and our assistance to family members makes it possible for the Soldiers loved ones to do more than write letters to their deployed loved one!
There are few FRG's that can meet the financial needs (Even with assistance of Unit Funds) with the limitations on fundraisers and 'acceptiing' no outside assistance. National Guard and Reserve Units' FRG's would cease to exist as without community help they have no funding!

The leadership of some FRG's are the reason for the Military crackdown on their operation as many used FRG fundraising and programs to put some extra money in their pockets (leadership & a few elite members). It was a poor reflection on the Military! Command spouses tended to run the FRG's and left out the spouses and other family members in their (frg's) decision making and use of facilities and funds. There also was a lot of duplicate solicitations that created undue pressure on businesses and organizations along with not knowing which were scams. (Scams were done by those with Military ID's too)

The VFW and many other organizations, Chambers of Commerce and local Governments have programs and money available to assist the Military and their Families in needs and activities. They also have considerable experience and manpower to provide events and activities. An FRG that doesn't take advantage of these resources is failing its members and all those in the Unit!
We have and will continue to work with FRG's and their parent Unit to coordinate and provide for our Troops and their families. It is the individual FRG, not the Military that dictates our involvment.

Woman, In My Opinion, your remarks and so-called expertise in FRG's creates undue worry and misunderstanding for those who seek the support and help of an FRG. 

Our FRG is waiting for the Brigade to get us non profit status, or something like that. It is a lot of legal BS and other red tape type things. Once we get that, then we will know what the rules are for fundraising with that status. Does that make sense??? LOL We are talking about doing a yard sale with only stuff from our own FRG members. Then they have the choice of donating the money they made to the FRG funds or keeping it. It doesn't matter. Not sure how "legal" that is. But, our FRG leader is looking into it. *crossing my fingers*

klc....nonprofit status means that you (your group) will not have to pay taxes on the money you make. It will also allow you to have a tax-exempt number and you will be able to go to places like Sam's and buy stuff without paying the taxes or a reduced tax rate. That will save you all some money when you buy stuff for your care packages.

See my post from above on ideas to raise monies. If I can help in any way, just ask here or send me an e-mail.

Thanks so much!!!
I used to be very involved in the FRG. I have a new baby (4 1/2 months old) and since the last deployment, the FRG is under new management, so to speak. Not too fond of the leaders. But, that is another story. But, we do have some ideas, we just can't do them yet. But, if we get in a rut, I will be sure and bug you for Ideas!  :D


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