Playboy Centerfold Air Force Drill Instructor Being Shown The Front Gate

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She was stripped [pun intended] of her rank as an E-5 [SSgt] and demoted to E-3 [senior airman] and removed from extended active duty [she was assigned to an air national guard unit prior to being placed on extended active duty].

Personally, I think she should be courtmartialed for CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF AN NCO and reduced in rank to E-1, fined $ 1000 a month for 6 months and given a BAD CONDUCT DISCHARGE.

*coughs*  SrA is E-4.

She says she  is going to pursue a modeling career.  Pesonally, IMHO, she's a "butterface."  (Everything's hot but 'er face)  She's 30 years old, but keeps herself looking OK.  She might have a few more years "pressing her flesh."

If she wanted to pose nude, she should have gotten out and then she'd be clear.  Why can't people understand that when they enlist, they are subject to the UCMJ and service-specific regs until they are discharged?


Well I can shed only crocodile tears for this young lady as if she didn't already know the rules of displaying herself in a military uniform, she should have made an effort to find out before allowing Playboy or anyone else to publisher such pictures.
Common sense should have told her to talk to the legal office before proceeding with her moment of fame.
You can be assured that Playboy knew the deal on this but could care less what happens to the airman as long as they got their pictures with permission to publish.

There are five reasons to be discharged which are......... 
1. Expiration of enlistment
2. Disability, dependency, or hardship
3. Fulfillment of service obligation
4. Convenience of the government
5. Unsuitability

The types of discharges are........
1. Honorable
2. General (under honorable conditions)
3. Other than honorable
4. Bad conduct
5.  Dishonorable

In my opinion she should have at least received number three or four discharge under unsuitability, although considering that her intent was not necessarily to harm the military but to profit and expand her career, disregarding the wishes of her employer and her agreement with DOD.... other than honorable could be punishment enough.
Not my call, but I would agree if this occurs.

Looked up some of the pictures.  It's amazing what some make up and good photography will do.  Actually makes the woman look hot.


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